From little Acorns might Oaks are Born

For me the exciting part is beginning, the internal design and creation of sills, shelving, trim and counter tops. Many pieces of paper, pencil chewing, head scratching and measuring tape. Steve is happy with the calculations and is chalking details onto each slice of Oak. A huge jigsaw puzzle trying to find the most efficientContinue reading “From little Acorns might Oaks are Born”

Laying the downstairs underfloor in Walter

Walter is a little tipsy turvy Although jacked up on concrete hard standing and the spirit level says Walter is straight!!, the floor isn’t straight or flat, he has had a hard life treated not so gently by divers and passengers alike. The whole floor slopes gently in directions away from the drainage outlets!! TheContinue reading “Laying the downstairs underfloor in Walter”

Pallet wood, interior wall experiments.

Thanks to¬†Steve the Chippy introducing me to the idea of covering the interior walls with upcycled pallet wood.¬†¬†Inspiration from¬†Colin Jaques – Narrowboat Builder and Youtuber.¬† ¬† Colin and his trusty tripod ‘Trevor’, Unloading and storage of pallet wood on a rainy day.¬† Hurrah for bus patios. ¬†take us through the joys and trials of narrowboatContinue reading “Pallet wood, interior wall experiments.”