The Pigeon’s Progress – Part 1

An unusual place to make a nest.

Inexperienced, blasé, cheeky or stupid take your pick. This pigeon couple have made their nest on the super slippy glass top of the upstairs, back window.

Two little white eggs are within the sticks and the pigeon sits happily not noticing the inextricable progress down the window towards the edge.

In order to halt the slipping we have propped the window open with a longer stick. All looking good today.

Angle Grinder Beautification

So today’s muscle groups which have had a super work out are, arms, shoulders and lower back. Sat on the floor, shuffling along on my bum one foot at a time. It was satisfying to see the dirty corroded metal become beautifully shiny. However, I am VERY happy we only need to beautify one side of the bus. The other side will have the bathroom, bed and sofa bed along the wall.

Sparkies Mate – Yep that’s me

Or useful tips for a sewing class

I learned something new today. How to get your electric cables into their conduit. It reminded me of rethreading a tie which has come out of your COVID 19, I now live in slouchy sweat pants. Tying or sellotaping the tie to a knitting needle and pushing the needle then tie through until all back to normal. Threading cable into conduit is exactly the same. I wonder which came first?

Roobarb and custard

Energy and fitness

Just lifting an angle grinder leaves me out of breath, or it did. Painting, grinding and lifting stuff has been fantastic for toning and maybe even building muscle. I am also going on short trips to the sea or inland to buy fresh milk by bicycle.

This does mean I am really hungry from 10am until I go to bed. My two gas ring kitchen is fine….. I would love a roast dinner with all the trimmings and pudding and a glass of wine, sat at a table with a knife, fork and napkin. Ahhh tiny living.

The midden has a few edible plants which I’m cooking, rhubarb and mushrooms. I’m trying not to eat meat but really smoked bacon and English sausages, it takes a much stronger person than me to resist, especially when they are yummy ones from the local butcher.

The chickens have taken over my brain

Each morning the chickens are released and fed, amongst great clucking and a little argy-bargy. They then rush off to lay their eggs in nests we haven’t found and only do when the eggs are old and fail the float test.

Of the seven chickens, Violet is by far the most friendly/nosey/hungry. She always comes to observe the latest work.

Living in such proximity to these birds is turning my brain. The proof is in the video!

Upstairs – Inventions and Adaptations

As you know Walter is topsy turvy. We have moved upstairs as the 1st stage 12v and 240v wiring will be completed downstairs this week yay! Steve the Chip has battened the whole of one side, offering up a side panel he then came to see me with a most serious expression. ‘Niki, we have a problem’. Is it as serious as Jack Swigert’s erroneous phrase – ‘Houston we have a problem’? Surely not! we have no need to re-enter the earths atmosphere in a semi-functioning tin can. Our tin can is static.

It transpires the walls of the bus upstairs slope in slightly. In order to place panels along the walls wedges, spacers and hours of fiddling with battening is required. The solution panel up to the aluminium ledge and leave a polished 6cm gap between floor and wall. Light with under ledge LEDs. Explaining this to Ali his comment was;-

‘Thats what I wanted.” Great everyones happy

Under the patio, down by the sea…

Part 2 of an infinite number of posts about painting

But this is a good one, so read on…..

Coach lines, used to decorate the wooden panels on traditional narrowboats now used to delineate false panelling on modern boats and on a bus.
20 hours over 2 weeks condensed into 2 minutes- lucky you.

Hannah and Ali had already begun sanding off the paint and 3 layers of under coat from Walter. He had been primed in grey and then undercoated in purple, red and orange. working with a hand sander this has produced really funky patterns. Maybe too funky!

I decided to keep the crazy patterns but to use them as coach lines. Several coachlines!

Week 4 Overview

Lots on the go, nothing finished

Another busy week, It’s great to look back at each week’s overview and be able to see so much progress. This week has included discussions with an upholsterer, a timber yard owner and I called a plumber! Chris the sparky has come for another look, Bob the Bus has tinted the front window. I have painted under the patio and Steve the Chippy has begun battening upstairs. Pallet planks are sanded and awaiting electric cabling before being put up. Another can of Farina grey has been ordered after I accidentally mixed the existing grey topcoat with grey aluminium etch primer Grrrrr.