Week Seven Overview

This week Steve finished panelling downstairs… more or less and I gave the walls a coat of Frosty Margarita..yumm. We also visited a timber yard to choose wood for the shelving, countertops etc. But that is sooo exciting it needs its own separate post. The upstairs outside gets painted and… you want more? I think it’s enough. See you next week.

3D Plans Outside

Bus with a view

I have found and spent the whole week playing with a 3D application. I started with the free version but was soon hooked and wanting the effects to look as realistic as possible, so bought the year plan. Seriously addictive.


View for the back of the bus. Extra bathroom on the right
View from the front of the bus. Full length patio on the right.

These are the outside views from the front and back of Walter. The additional bathroom and patio are being developed and built by my brother. The paint although in the illustration is divided green blue, the actual effect will fade from green into blue. Or maybe fade from blue into green. There will be more posts about painting before too long. Next week I will take you inside the 3D mock up of the bus….hold on to your hats.

The pigeon’s Progress Part 2

or Hoovering Grass

Flying rats, my father calls pigeons, maybe they are. There are a great many of them on the midden. This time of year there are lots of eggshells on the ground, from where newly born pigeons have kicked the used shells out, in order to make more room in their nests.

From the Pigeon’s Progress – Part 1, you will remember the newly partnered feathered friends had made their nest on the top of the opened bus window. The next days rained; hat lovely English rain that goes on without end; and the nest continued to slip, furthermore, rain now ran back into the bus, soaking the back floor and threatening the new woodwork below.

And the eggs roll out of the nest.

I also noticed that because the window was now slightly angled up that the eggs had rolled out of the nest and were sat on the bare glass!!!!

Hoovering the Grass

So trying to solve this set of new problems, a slightly shorter stick was found, plastic sheet to redirect the water out of the bus was collected. As the second rescue operation began there was a large explosion and glass flew in all directions. The stick being pushed against the window had caused it to break and glass, sticks and egg yolk rained on me, the floor and the grass outside the bus.

The rest of my day, three hours, was spent hoovering the grass and collecting 3 bags of broken pieces. At least there were no baby pigeons in the eggs. Definitely inexperienced pigeons!

Helping Hands

Trying out the green paint

The correct colour of paint has arrived. Shera couldn’t be stopped and we painted until the sun made the day too warm. Definitely, a much nicer colour, clean shiny but also blending in with the colour of the trees which surround it.

The incorrect colour, which arrived twice!!

Downstairs Panelling

Visibly looking like a home

I chose pallet wood because I have always liked the Shaker style and shabby chic decoration style. Furthermore money is not growing on any trees near me, so the cost of pallet wood including the time cost of sanding and to painting it means this works out at only about £12 a square meter.

Steve the Chippy has be working meticulously during the entire week to put up the downstairs wall panelling. His attention to detail is fantastic, as he works around each screw and sticky outy bit!

The Pigeon’s Progress – Part 1

An unusual place to make a nest.

Inexperienced, blasé, cheeky or stupid take your pick. This pigeon couple have made their nest on the super slippy glass top of the upstairs, back window.

Two little white eggs are within the sticks and the pigeon sits happily not noticing the inextricable progress down the window towards the edge.

In order to halt the slipping we have propped the window open with a longer stick. All looking good today.

Angle Grinder Beautification

So today’s muscle groups which have had a super work out are, arms, shoulders and lower back. Sat on the floor, shuffling along on my bum one foot at a time. It was satisfying to see the dirty corroded metal become beautifully shiny. However, I am VERY happy we only need to beautify one side of the bus. The other side will have the bathroom, bed and sofa bed along the wall.

Sparkies Mate – Yep that’s me

Or useful tips for a sewing class

I learned something new today. How to get your electric cables into their conduit. It reminded me of rethreading a tie which has come out of your COVID 19, I now live in slouchy sweat pants. Tying or sellotaping the tie to a knitting needle and pushing the needle then tie through until all back to normal. Threading cable into conduit is exactly the same. I wonder which came first?