Week 11 overview

First Week back at School

Because of the time difference, Baku is three hours in the past, I am having to wake up at 5am and begin work at 6am. I am therefore not able to work much on the bus. Orientation week and learning new educational platforms is fully occupying my energy.

Steve is on his own and has been busy upstairs. ceiling in and short pallet wood inserted at a 45 degree angle. Slightly easier than trying to follow the curves.

Life has taken a big change, improved for the better. An old fridge which works perfectly. A tin of blackboard paint and an acid green back wall. I’m feeling optimistic. I can now shop once a week and freeze any extra food I make. Now I’m back at work it really saves on some shopping and cooking time.

Week Nine Overview

Waney, Wobbly Wood

Great changes this week both inside and out.

140 strips of pallet wood to sand, I’m finding muscles where I had no idea I have muscles.

Painted the outside of Walter in her entirety, finally! 2 times washing, 4 layers of paint and 4 layers of sanding. thats half a km of washing, sanding and painting OR 1500 meters squared and I still love painting!

Oak tree arrives and there are red admiral butterflies flitting between the lilac flowers

Whoops! I bought an Oak Tree

Measurements in inches!!

Steve and I have carefully calculated the quantity of wood needed for the ceiling supports, window sills and shelving. I even translated it all into inches for N. Norfolk!

Epic fail! Firstly, the wood yard work in mms. and cms. And Secondly, I was obviously speaking Azeri!

However, I LOVE it, every last little waney edge of it. Now I’ve got to find a plane and a circular saw. All in a day’s work.

Pheasants Fly Free

Ratty and Goldie leave the nest but come home each night for dinner.

Such cuteness! The two surviving chicks who saw off, car tyres, cold, trauma, an attacking sparrow hawk which ripped one chick from limb to limb and another who fancied her chances in the wild and escaped. Ratty, so called because of a deformed right wing and Goldie, so named because she is perfect ,have survived to be set free.

Mayflower Building Project

Timber from the Mayflower Building Project will be used to make the upstairs roof supports.

They were just laying in the grass. Enormous slices and chunks of aged oak. No longer needed for the renovation project, forgotten and resting. One-piece was drawn on with chalk and divided into the exact sizes I need for the ceiling knees. Decision made for me.

What is a waney edge?

Cut from the whole tree, instead of slicing the trunk edge into a straight rectangular plank, the edge of the tree remains and creates a rustic wavy edge.

Timb A Haul is a large site and as soon as you enter the smell of freshly cut wood is fresh in the air. Giants of trees lie drying in all weathers waiting to be turned into beautiful pieces of furniture. The pieces I have chosen are oak from Norfolk. The wood colour and grain with waney edges will make the bus feel warm, snug and elegant.