Introducing Super Ali

Autumn approaches. I am living away. Ali goes supersonic.

A reminder of the plan for the outside bathroom. The bathroom is now a sizeable 9 square metres.

Joined onto the backside of the bus, entered through the back emergency door through the bus or from outside.

The right hand side plan shows the compost toilet, Storage shelves which open into the room. A large space for the hot water boiler, solar batteries, plumbing and honestly I have no idea what else!

Wooden telegraph posts support the bathroom floor 2 feet off the ground.

Wood reclaimed from various projects and demolition work.

Doors and windows are reclaimed from various skips around Norfolk.

Front outside step is a piece of mahogany from an old Alderman Peel school chemistry desk.

Inside panel structure is covered with waterproof breathable fabric.

Outside wood cover are 8 ft lengths of pallet wood.

I also managed to dissuade the use of creosote as a wood protector.

Apple Juice Production

200 trees of deliciousness

Some sunshine on a rainy day.

From top left:

Washing /sterilizing bottles in the dishwasher

Selecting and feeding apples into the masher – really a wood chipper.

Unclogging stuck apples with a stick which gets shorter and adds flavour!

Putting the pulp into the press. Bottom left:

A 5 litre bottle with a tap placed on the kitchen fridge.

One of 3 tub cart full pressed on one day, about 200 litres to drink and give away.

Upstairs Progression

Steve continues to create wonders in the upstairs of the bus. The stud walls for the upstairs bathroom can be seen below. As I am now living an hour away my rough line on the floor has not been accurate enough. Poor Steve, I’ve had to as him to take the corridor side wall out and move it in 15 cms. Due to the mollycroft and lower shoulder, the corridor, although quite wide on the floor, is too narrow at the top. Anyone taller and wider than me would find it inconvenient walking past the bathroom.

From little Acorns might Oaks are Born

For me the exciting part is beginning, the internal design and creation of sills, shelving, trim and counter tops.

Oak trunk Slices

Many pieces of paper, pencil chewing, head scratching and measuring tape. Steve is happy with the calculations and is chalking details onto each slice of Oak. A huge jigsaw puzzle trying to find the most efficient combination of plank and trunk slice.

Week 14 Overview

I’m away and work on Walter continues at a pace!

Shall I go away more often? Steve has been working away creating his magic – upstairs floor has been levelled, the ceiling is in and walls are up. Space for the upstairs bathroom is sectioned off. Ali has begun the outside platform for the side bathroom. This will be spacious, including a bath. On the back wall will be a cupboard, the hub for all controls electrical and water based – well insulated and separated of course.

Midden Treasure Part 2

Soap making Explorations.

How difficult can it be? As you saw in the previous post VERY.

I have returned to what I know, and bought a kit but instead of the usual goats milk base, which seems to be unavailable I have a glycerin base.

Melt, pick aromatics and flowers, raid my bro’s clean plastic trash for individual plastic containers too reuse as soap moulds et viola

The only negative is that I’ve realised that glycerin base sweats yerrk. I prefer goats milk base which doesn’t, I now have to buy cling film to wrap it in.

Ive ordered goats milk base and will post when I’ve made the next batch of soap with it. ( end of September)!!

Ok I’m off to decimate the Midden’s flower population.

Midden Treasure Part 1

Soap making Explorations

I love making different types of soap. In the past from a kit. You buy the soap base and then add essential oils, colours, oats, coffee etc to it. Pour it into little moulds et viola. I thought I would try and make soap from first principles. Watched loads of online videos of men in masks with bunsen burners and protective gear, and decided to go for it.

How difficult can it be?