3D Upstairs Plans

Spacious and comfortable with space saving ideas. A library, shelves full of my father’s books (this may be the first he is hearing of it) is at the top of the stairs. A desk area for crafts, painting or working!! a double sofa bed with storage the shower room and double bedroom. At the farContinue reading “3D Upstairs Plans”

When the bus meets the sky

Or – Painting the top deck Cleaning the top deck was quite difficult, even after hauling, water cloths, scourer and 3 different types of brush onto the the patio roof. The windows and their surrounds were growing mosses and lichen. Very pretty but not on my bus! At least not before everything is sealed, waterproofedContinue reading “When the bus meets the sky”

3D Plans Outside

Bus with a view I have found and spent the whole week playing with a 3D application. I started with the free version but was soon hooked and wanting the effects to look as realistic as possible, so bought the year plan. Seriously addictive. https://planner5d.com These are the outside views from the front and backContinue reading “3D Plans Outside”

The pigeon’s Progress Part 2

or Hoovering Grass Flying rats, my father calls pigeons, maybe they are. There are a great many of them on the midden. This time of year there are lots of eggshells on the ground, from where newly born pigeons have kicked the used shells out, in order to make more room in their nests. FromContinue reading “The pigeon’s Progress Part 2”

The Pigeon’s Progress – Part 1

Inexperienced, blasé, cheeky or stupid take your pick. This pigeon couple have made their nest on the super slippy glass top of the upstairs, back window. Two little white eggs are within the sticks and the pigeon sits happily not noticing the inextricable progress down the window towards the edge. In order to halt theContinue reading “The Pigeon’s Progress – Part 1”