Destruction before Construction

The first problem with an angle grinder is that when kitted out with my COVID19 mask, goggles; steaming up from the mask, and gloves are that I can’t turn the bloody thing on.  I have spent the day finding Ali or Steve to turn it on! Grinding for about 10 minutes until my arms startContinue reading “Destruction before Construction”

Week 1 Over view

Inside, downstairs, week 1 So I thought it may be useful to view achievements and the bank account at the end of one week.  Eekk. Phase 1 – Inside, downstairs Week 1Removing all excess materials.        Polishing ceiling sparsCutting and sanding ceiling and wall wood.Painting ceiling and wall wood with undercoat 9mm ply farContinue reading “Week 1 Over view”

The Double Decker Dream

Upstairs plan for Walter Upstairs will include a bright seating area and a library full of lots of my father’s books.  Hush don’t tell him, we haven’t asked him yet.  He has super picture books about volcanos, fauna and flora, steam engines etc. ideal for browsing on rainy British summer days.  There will be aContinue reading “The Double Decker Dream”