Walter’s windows Part 2

Today we celebrate the amazing work of Bob and Steve, Screen Replacement and Repair services.  Coach and Commercial windscreen repair services based in Norwich Norfolk, they work on anything with wheels and a screen. As mentioned in Walter’s windows Part 1,  there are several jobs to be done.  Below are some of the highlights. 1) FullyContinue reading “Walter’s windows Part 2”

Walter’s Windows Part 1

Walter is not so old but, when it rains small leaks appear. The hopper type windows let in a slow but persistent trickle of water. A bus is also mostly windows on wheels 28 side windows, 2 front and 2 back windows 32  in total. When the temperature rises above 15 degrees C it beginsContinue reading “Walter’s Windows Part 1”

Great EXCITEMENT as Construction Begins

Oh my, 9am, Steve the Carpenter and Chris the Spark arrive. An hour later Bob and Steve the Bus Converters drive in to sort the windows.  I jumped on my cycle, not to escape, but to buy milk, biscuits and to alert my Dad of the shenanigans which he wouldn’t want to miss. We nowContinue reading “Great EXCITEMENT as Construction Begins”

Painting mishap!

Having lived for 8 years on a couple of narrowboats,  Moored and worked with my ex-husband, Neil, in Welford Marina, I have dabbled in boat painting, both inside and out. Roses and Castles, signwriting and painting the outside of a narrowboat is done with enamel paint.   Excellent paint can be bought from. Craft Master AContinue reading “Painting mishap!”

Pallet wood, interior wall experiments.

Thanks to Steve the Chippy introducing me to the idea of covering the interior walls with upcycled pallet wood.  Inspiration from Colin Jaques – Narrowboat Builder and Youtuber. Colin and his trusty tripod ‘Trevor’, Unloading and storage of pallet wood on a rainy day.  Hurrah for bus patios.  take us through the joys and trials of narrowboatContinue reading “Pallet wood, interior wall experiments.”

Destruction before Construction

The first problem with an angle grinder is that when kitted out with my COVID19 mask, goggles; steaming up from the mask, and gloves are that I can’t turn the bloody thing on.  I have spent the day finding Ali or Steve to turn it on! Grinding for about 10 minutes until my arms startContinue reading “Destruction before Construction”

Week 1 Over view

Inside, downstairs, week 1 So I thought it may be useful to view achievements and the bank account at the end of one week.  Eekk. Phase 1 – Inside, downstairs Week 1Removing all excess materials.        Polishing ceiling sparsCutting and sanding ceiling and wall wood.Painting ceiling and wall wood with undercoat 9mm ply farContinue reading “Week 1 Over view”