Painting the Outside of Walter

Wind, Rain, Storms!  A fantastic day to make an i-movie  about the painting of Walter so far and share it with you.  Just thought I’d share a stormy photo first. Gorgeous huh? The light, the clouds, shade, wind, the smell of the sea and of lighteningand fish and chips as I near the quay.  Continue reading “Painting the Outside of Walter”

Electrics, Solar 12v and 240 volt

As far as possible I wish to provide my own electrical power.  Due to being based in the UK, it will not be possible to run everything all year round from solar panels, but, I’m going to have a real good try. Chris is an expert in Solar.    energy and I have stolen himContinue reading “Electrics, Solar 12v and 240 volt”

Walter’s windows Part 2

Today we celebrate the amazing work of Bob and Steve, Screen Replacement and Repair services.  Coach and Commercial windscreen repair services based in Norwich Norfolk, they work on anything with wheels and a screen. As mentioned in Walter’s windows Part 1,  there are several jobs to be done.  Below are some of the highlights. 1) FullyContinue reading “Walter’s windows Part 2”