From little Acorns might Oaks are Born

For me the exciting part is beginning, the internal design and creation of sills, shelving, trim and counter tops. Many pieces of paper, pencil chewing, head scratching and measuring tape. Steve is happy with the calculations and is chalking details onto each slice of Oak. A huge jigsaw puzzle trying to find the most efficientContinue reading “From little Acorns might Oaks are Born”

Laying the downstairs underfloor in Walter

Walter is a little tipsy turvy Although jacked up on concrete hard standing and the spirit level says Walter is straight!!, the floor isn’t straight or flat, he has had a hard life treated not so gently by divers and passengers alike. The whole floor slopes gently in directions away from the drainage outlets!! TheContinue reading “Laying the downstairs underfloor in Walter”

Downstairs design change

This weekend my sister, brother in law and nephew¬† popped over for a physically distanced catchup. An ideal opportunity to get others thoughts on the floor plan as I am having problems squeezing everything in. A good question from Oli,¬† Why have a central island and not just a regular oven and hob?¬† Aahhh, butContinue reading “Downstairs design change”

Painting the Outside of Walter

Wind, Rain, Storms!¬† A fantastic day to make an i-movie¬† about the painting of Walter so far and share it with you.¬† Just thought I’d share a stormy photo first. Gorgeous huh? The light, the clouds, shade, wind, the smell of the sea and of lighteningand fish and chips as I near the quay. ¬†Continue reading “Painting the Outside of Walter”

Week 3 Overview

Did you miss me? This week has been a week of hot weather,¬† chicken rebellion,¬† precision woodwork and¬† much paint sloshing.¬†¬† It is so nice to wake¬†early… 5ish. shrug on work shorts and t-shirt –¬†actually, stay in pyjama shorts and a t-shirt.¬†¬† Brew an enormous mug of filter coffee and¬† begin painting.¬†¬† 10 am stopContinue reading “Week 3 Overview”