Repurposing a secondhand kitchen

Welcome to facebook Market place. My first day I have bought a small bedside table A narrow pull out kitchen cabinate. and… a kitchen! A very wet and rainy day, we drove both cars to St Neots to pick up the kitchen. It was made for me, already green and the correct dimensions with aContinue reading “Repurposing a secondhand kitchen”

When the bus meets the sky

Or – Painting the top deck Cleaning the top deck was quite difficult, even after hauling, water cloths, scourer and 3 different types of brush onto the the patio roof. The windows and their surrounds were growing mosses and lichen. Very pretty but not on my bus! At least not before everything is sealed, waterproofedContinue reading “When the bus meets the sky”

Under the patio, down by the sea…

Part 2 of an infinite number of posts about painting But this is a good one, so read on….. Hannah and Ali had already begun sanding off the paint and 3 layers of under coat from Walter. He had been primed in grey and then undercoated in purple, red and orange. working with a handContinue reading “Under the patio, down by the sea…”

Week 4 Overview

Lots on the go, nothing finished Another busy week, It’s great to look back at each week’s overview and be able to see so much progress. This week has included discussions with an upholsterer, a timber yard owner and I called a plumber! Chris the sparky has come for another look, Bob the Bus hasContinue reading “Week 4 Overview”