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The Crew

A Worm’s eye View

An interesting view of the dining room table with an up-cycled barley twist leg. Various pieces of wood and clamps keeping the whole piece intact.

Anyone for Dinner

Coach seats in place, temporarily placed to ensure the spacing is correct. The wheel arch has been blocked in and makes the platform for the cupboard, TV room and dining room chairs. Looking great guys.

Bathroom Bliss

Have you seen the pop up hotel pod series? They are copying Ali’s bathroom ideas. Plywood walls and corrugated steel look amazing and I’m happy to say we will have varnished ply in the large bathroom. The Iceni Roundhouse already has corrugated steel on the inside bathroom walls. Many of the materials are repurposed havingContinue reading “Bathroom Bliss”


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A mother who taught, sewed, cooked and ensured we were healthy and happy, providing me with eggs to fry over my own fire. A father who created a sculpture from drift wood and circuit boards, called it ‘Clockwork Orange,’ hung it on the side of the house. Who bought a midden and created woods, a lake and paddocks. A brother who is a static new age traveller, living in a bus. A sister who is a realist portrait artist and the reason we kept goats. And finally myself; teacher, artist, world traveller, tipi, narrowboat and Spanish cottage builder and dweller, founder of Azeri with us and Eco Baku and lover of non- conventionalism. Is it any wonder that this is where I am now!!

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  1. Looking incredible Niki can’t wait to come and visit!

  2. I'm no expert but reckon I could fabricate a solar thermal kit for under £100.Go Outdoors will look after your…

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