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An interesting view of the dining room table with an up-cycled barley twist leg. Various pieces of wood and clamps keeping the whole piece intact.


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A mother who taught, sewed, cooked and ensured we were healthy and happy, providing me with eggs to fry over my own fire. A father who created a sculpture from drift wood and circuit boards, called it ‘Clockwork Orange,’ hung it on the side of the house. Who bought a midden and created woods, a lake and paddocks. A brother who is a static new age traveller, living in a bus. A sister who is a realist portrait artist and the reason we kept goats. And finally myself; teacher, artist, world traveller, tipi, narrowboat and Spanish cottage builder and dweller, founder of Azeri with us and Eco Baku and lover of non- conventionalism. Is it any wonder that this is where I am now!!

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  1. Looking incredible Niki can’t wait to come and visit!

  2. I'm no expert but reckon I could fabricate a solar thermal kit for under £100.Go Outdoors will look after your…

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