Plastic free July

Little chance I have just received an order from Midland Chandlers, great 12 volt and narrow boat fixtures and materials. But, it arrived in 3 really huge boxes of air filled plastic pouches. 4 lamps, 2 bits of fire board and 2m squared of landfill plastic This would be very useful for anyone moving orContinue reading “Plastic free July”

Laying the downstairs underfloor in Walter

Walter is a little tipsy turvy Although jacked up on concrete hard standing and the spirit level says Walter is straight!!, the floor isn’t straight or flat, he has had a hard life treated not so gently by divers and passengers alike. The whole floor slopes gently in directions away from the drainage outlets!! TheContinue reading “Laying the downstairs underfloor in Walter”

Painting the Outside of Walter

Wind, Rain, Storms!  A fantastic day to make an i-movie  about the painting of Walter so far and share it with you.  Just thought I’d share a stormy photo first. Gorgeous huh? The light, the clouds, shade, wind, the smell of the sea and of lighteningand fish and chips as I near the quay.  Continue reading “Painting the Outside of Walter”