The Pigeon’s Progress – Part 1

Inexperienced, blasé, cheeky or stupid take your pick. This pigeon couple have made their nest on the super slippy glass top of the upstairs, back window. Two little white eggs are within the sticks and the pigeon sits happily not noticing the inextricable progress down the window towards the edge. In order to halt theContinue reading “The Pigeon’s Progress – Part 1”

Sparkies Mate – Yep that’s me

Or useful tips for a sewing class I learned something new today. How to get your electric cables into their conduit. It reminded me of rethreading a tie which has come out of your COVID 19, I now live in slouchy sweat pants. Tying or sellotaping the tie to a knitting needle and pushing theContinue reading “Sparkies Mate – Yep that’s me”

Roobarb and custard

Energy and fitness Just lifting an angle grinder leaves me out of breath, or it did. Painting, grinding and lifting stuff has been fantastic for toning and maybe even building muscle. I am also going on short trips to the sea or inland to buy fresh milk by bicycle. This does mean I am reallyContinue reading “Roobarb and custard”

Upstairs – Inventions and Adaptations

As you know Walter is topsy turvy. We have moved upstairs as the 1st stage 12v and 240v wiring will be completed downstairs this week yay! Steve the Chip has battened the whole of one side, offering up a side panel he then came to see me with a most serious expression. ‘Niki, we haveContinue reading “Upstairs – Inventions and Adaptations”

Under the patio, down by the sea…

Part 2 of an infinite number of posts about painting But this is a good one, so read on….. Hannah and Ali had already begun sanding off the paint and 3 layers of under coat from Walter. He had been primed in grey and then undercoated in purple, red and orange. working with a handContinue reading “Under the patio, down by the sea…”

Week 4 Overview

Lots on the go, nothing finished Another busy week, It’s great to look back at each week’s overview and be able to see so much progress. This week has included discussions with an upholsterer, a timber yard owner and I called a plumber! Chris the sparky has come for another look, Bob the Bus hasContinue reading “Week 4 Overview”