From little Acorns might Oaks are Born

For me the exciting part is beginning, the internal design and creation of sills, shelving, trim and counter tops. Many pieces of paper, pencil chewing, head scratching and measuring tape. Steve is happy with the calculations and is chalking details onto each slice of Oak. A huge jigsaw puzzle trying to find the most efficientContinue reading “From little Acorns might Oaks are Born”

Midden Treasure Part 2

Soap making Explorations. How difficult can it be? As you saw in the previous post VERY. I have returned to what I know, and bought a kit but instead of the usual goats milk base, which seems to be unavailable I have a glycerin base. Melt, pick aromatics and flowers, raid my bro’s clean plasticContinue reading “Midden Treasure Part 2”