3D Plans Outside

Bus with a view

I have found and spent the whole week playing with a 3D application. I started with the free version but was soon hooked and wanting the effects to look as realistic as possible, so bought the year plan. Seriously addictive.


View for the back of the bus. Extra bathroom on the right
View from the front of the bus. Full length patio on the right.

These are the outside views from the front and back of Walter. The additional bathroom and patio are being developed and built by my brother. The paint although in the illustration is divided green blue, the actual effect will fade from green into blue. Or maybe fade from blue into green. There will be more posts about painting before too long. Next week I will take you inside the 3D mock up of the bus….hold on to your hats.

Published by nicolabeale

Internacional educator, artist and creator of interesting spaces. Based in Azerbaijan, Asturias and Norfolk.

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