Week 3 Overview

Did you miss me?

This week has been a week of hot weather, 

chicken rebellion, 
precision woodwork and 
much paint sloshing.  
It is so nice to wake early… 5ish. shrug on work shorts and t-shirt – actually, stay in pyjama shorts and a t-shirt.  
Brew an enormous mug of filter coffee and 
begin painting.  
10 am stop for eggs and salad, 
then by midday with temperatures around the 
30-degree mark. 
Steve has kept to his traditional 9 -3 working through the heat in metal Walter, which is even hotter now the aluminium panels have replaced 1/4 of the windows.  All the side batons are in place ready for panelling. We decided to replace a section of the back flooring, which over the years has begun to rot.  Then laid the rest of the underfloor.   
Yummy looking good, I like it.  And so ends week 3.

Published by nicolabeale

Internacional educator, artist and creator of interesting spaces. Based in Azerbaijan, Asturias and Norfolk.

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