Shopping for Sunlight

Agghhh,  I have spent the entirety of yesterday, a rainy day, trying to work out which systems and which electrical bits and bobs to buy.  During the lockdown, I have been enjoying a little online shopping flutter, I bought some nice jeans and am now awaiting my Merrells.  But, how can I tell from a trade catalogue what the downlights, spotlights, switches, connectors, cables, the solar flipping panel is like?  I need to get close and personal to really see if it is what I need.

I have created what I think is the wishlist
for my solar needs, seems a rather pricey way to suck the energy from the sun and into my water and electrical batteries.  Thank goodness for specialists who I can talk to… Mmmm maybe later, it’s 5.30am and I been have up for an hour, awoken by the rising sun hitting the newly inserted aluminium window inserts, which ricochets directly into my bedroom.   Wake up world,  it’s a lovely day.

 The specialist has replied.  This is the edited printable version…..

Do not buy any of it.
Item 1 – Too expensive, check individual prices.
Item 2 – Don’t need, that type cable not required, too short.
Item 3 – Very poor quality, don’t need, already have.
Item 4 – Wrong Type, for flat roof.
Item 5 – Wrong Type, for flat roof.
Item 6 – Unnecessary, over-priced, pay for label, not for product.
Item 7 – Cheap China crap, will blow-up at any time.
Item 8 – Cheap crap, <400 cycles, only last a year.
Chris Millyard
An Engineer – who doesn’t like seeing people getting ripped off.

One thought on “Shopping for Sunlight

  1. I'm no expert but reckon I could fabricate a solar thermal kit for under £100.Go Outdoors will look after your Merrel needs and Chris looks like he's ticked all the other boxes.

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