Why the Middenites?

As you may have noticed I’ve changed the name of the blog from ‘something from Nothing’, to ‘The Middenites.  As I was giving my address, The Midden, to the wood delivery lady,  Oh that’s a toilet she said.  So time for an explanation and some more information.

According to the Cambridge dictionary 
A midden – a heap (= large pile) of animal waste, or waste material thrown away by human beings in the past: It was customary for dung and bedding to be rotted for up to a year in a midden before spreading on the land.

The Urban dictionary states;
Officially in Olde English, it means dung heap or cesspit. Popular insult in the North of Ireland and Scotland and often used to describe any slovenly mess

Ahh so why you may be asking yourselves, is Niki’s Dad’s farm called The Midden?  Are they a very slovenly family? Do they have tons of animals crapping everywhere?
In fact, the midden was an ancient rubbish dump and my 
father has written a whole book about how he turned it 
from the town rubbish tip into the beautiful woodland that 
it is today.

Do you want to read the story?   Let me see if he will share it.

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Internacional educator, artist and creator of interesting spaces. Based in Azerbaijan, Asturias and Norfolk.

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