Electrics, Solar 12v and 240 volt

As far as possible I wish to provide my own electrical power.  Due to being based in the UK, it will not be possible to run everything all year round from solar panels, but, I’m going to have a real good try.

Chris is an expert in Solar.   

energy and I have stolen
him from three other jobs
he is working on at the moment.
We are working with putting 2 electrical solar panels and one thermal panel (hot water) on the roof.  As the length of the bus is East-West, at a 30-degree angle the panels will face due South and be in the optimum position to harvest as much of the suns energy as possible.
So downstairs we will be running a 240 v system for fridge, hob, oven and TV area.  This is because we already have a 240v fridge from one of Ali’s many contacts and that 12-volt kitchen appliances are a) very expensive and b) will use hell of a lot of 12v electricity especially in the winter.
All lights, USB sockets and hot water will be powered through solar power, with a 240v booster in the water boiler and batteries on those English days/weeks of drizzle.  Has to be experienced to be believed.
Furthermore, a wood burner with a back boiler will keep the bus cosy warm in winter and the water at a delicious temperature for those long soaks in the bath.
Chris is shown here getting on with laying cables… or is he?  


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Internacional educator, artist and creator of interesting spaces. Based in Azerbaijan, Asturias and Norfolk.

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