Walter’s Windows Part 1

Walter is not so old but, when it rains small leaks appear. The hopper type windows let in a slow but persistent trickle of water. A bus is also mostly windows on wheels 28 side windows, 2 front and 2 back windows 32  in total. When the temperature rises above 15 degrees C it begins to get very hot inside.  Below 12 degrees it gets very cold. While thinking about converting the bus into a living space it is also unrealistic to think of all the cupboard, work surfaces and living space being below window height.

Several decisions were therefore made
1) Fully replace 7 windows with aluminium plates.
2) Use extracted glass to create double glazing on other windows.
3) Partially obstruct some windows to allow for built-in furniture and smaller windows.
4) Use tint on large windows to make front upstairs sitting spaces more comfortable, and on the bathroom windows
5) Replace all window seals
With this in mind, I contacted Peter at the local bus company Sanders and speaking with him he was able to answer some queries and then introduced me to Bob and Steve at Coach and Commercial vehicle repairs who are experts in the bus, truck, van window field.  
Bob and Steve came to view the bus and were surprised that it was in such good condition. They could do what we wanted to be done; so look out for what they did; in the next thrilling instalment of, Walter’s Windows Part 2. Do, done and did all in one sentence!! I even muddled myself there.

Published by nicolabeale

Internacional educator, artist and creator of interesting spaces. Based in Azerbaijan, Asturias and Norfolk.

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