Great EXCITEMENT as Construction Begins

Oh my, 9am, Steve the Carpenter and Chris the Spark arrive. An hour later Bob and Steve the Bus Converters drive in to sort the windows.  I jumped on my cycle, not to escape, but to buy milk, biscuits and to alert my Dad of the shenanigans which he wouldn’t want to miss. We now have, Two chaps called Chris, Two chaps called Steve, Bob and Niki, let the comedy begin.
 Construction begins at a frenetic pace.  

Steve began putting up the painted ceiling panels,
using Sticks like Sh*t, Due to the curve in the ceiling, we thought it best to populate the downstairs space with support batons from floor to ceiling, at least overnight. The transformation is instant and really motivating.  If a few pieces of mint coloured ceiling panel makes such a transformation this is going to be a really cool space. 
   Upstairs Chris began to unpack my wiring diagrams, laying out cables and fastening them to the ceiling floor and walls.  I have decided on a dual system for electrics.  The fridge, hob and oven will work on 240 v along with sockets in the kitchen.  The lights, charging points and USB ports will be 12v. running from 2 solar panels which will be erected on the roof of the bus. Chris keeps asking me where I want switches, sockets, 12v, 240,   and using electrical language way beyond my limited vocabulary.  I am finding answering with,”what works best for you,”and, “explain it to me again,”  means I can almost keep up.  
 Meanwhile, scaffolding is erected at the back of the bus. Bob and Steve begin to scrape out and clean off the old silicone window sealer,  and when this is done re-seal all the windows which will remain.



 I am upstairs painting  windows from the inside

experimenting with, and loving using my foam 
roller and ‘Craftmaster” enamel paint.  At the same 
time running around with the tripod and my phone 
capturing the men at work.

Published by nicolabeale

Internacional educator, artist and creator of interesting spaces. Based in Azerbaijan, Asturias and Norfolk.

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