Pallet wood, interior wall experiments.

Thanks to Steve the Chippy introducing me to the idea of covering the interior walls with upcycled pallet wood.  Inspiration from Colin Jaques – Narrowboat Builder and Youtuber. Colin and his trusty tripod ‘Trevor’,
Unloading and storage of pallet wood on a rainy day.  Hurrah for bus patios.
 take us through the joys and trials of narrowboat building.  It is on about chapter 18 and 19 that we see the panelling in all it’s glory.  
So the workout continues, pallet wood is ordered for phase 1, downstairs = 140, 1.8 meter by 10cm x 2cm planks collected from Jeremy.
Load the van,  unload the van, store the wood in the dry.  Sand the wood, Paint with undercoat,  Experiment with colours for the topcoat.  Thank goodness it is a double-decker, rain doesn’t stop play and Im happily painting the wood after carrying it upstairs while Steve works downstairs.

All the pallet wood now has a white undercoat and is ready to cut to size and panel the downstairs walls.  My arms are killing me and just as I begin to feel pleased with myself I realize… that is just the wood for downstairs.  Wondering if I want to do this again for upstairs or use ply sheets…tempting.

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Internacional educator, artist and creator of interesting spaces. Based in Azerbaijan, Asturias and Norfolk.

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