Week 1 Over view

Inside, downstairs, week 1

So I thought it may be useful to view achievements and the bank account at the end of one week.  Eekk.

Phase 1 – Inside, downstairs Week 1

Removing all excess materials.        
Polishing ceiling spars
Cutting and sanding ceiling and wall wood.
Painting ceiling and wall wood with undercoat

9mm ply far Eastern 9mm 20
Roof tile baton 25x50x4.8= 10lengths 50m
Floor skin T+G chipboard w/r 24
75 x50x4.8 Baton 25m
45x50x4.8 Baton 25m
Enamel paint – outside 330
Pallet wood 1.8m 140 140
countersunk self tapping screws Wrong type, anyone want them?? No refunds during COVID 19 1000 50
sanding sheets 24 15
4 foam rollers 3
Silicone – sticks like… 20 120
Self-drilling screws 60
Nails, Undercoat paint 141

Conversations with the bus company about window sealing and
Installing 12v and 240v cabling lighting and appliance plans.

OK,   Week 2 bring it on.  Light mint paint on the ceiling

Total to date = 7398 GBP

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Internacional educator, artist and creator of interesting spaces. Based in Azerbaijan, Asturias and Norfolk.

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