Coach seat upholstery

Ali doesn’t remember me!

I’ve been hunting for an upholstery business near to us and have found Eric Ainsley in Fakenham. At school with but forgotten by my brother. After sharing photos and a quick sketch the deal is done.

The fabric arrived today. Im really hoping Eric will be continuing to work during lock down number 3

The material selected is fire retardant, easy to clean and repels dog hair.

Repurposing a secondhand kitchen

Welcome to facebook Market place. My first day I have bought a

small bedside table

A narrow pull out kitchen cabinate. and…

a kitchen!

A very wet and rainy day, we drove both cars to St Neots to pick up the kitchen. It was made for me, already green and the correct dimensions with a bit of jiggery pokery.

The white knuckle drive in my trusty VW Golf TDI saw me safely through flash floods, hail and the A1

The kitchen was 3 floors up without a lift Grr but is now safely installed in the shed, ready for cleaning, painting and delivery.

Shabby chic

Steve was the first to suggest a shabby chic interior for the bus. Ali would like lots of different types of wood. I want neat clear lines and colours and to show off the very expensive oak trim making the oak features to be VERY visible.

I have spent the last week turning a beautiful wooden chest of draws into a shabby chic chest for the upstairs bedroom. 10GBP from Cancer Research shop in Wisbech!! Hampered by below freezing temperatures both myself and the paint were slow to work. However, with heater on full blast for a couple of hours each day I could add a layer of paint a day.

The final coat, a rather gorgeous speedwell blue enamel paint which I had originally bought for the upstairs outside top deck.

Art from Walter for Walter

In a previous post I showed you a piece of art I am creating by wrestling metal taken out of Walter.

I have just plucked up courage to experiment with epoxy resin on this artwork. Smaller experiments have worked well and included glazing sea glass to create jewellery and making larger items for candles.

After making a wooden frame and clamping it in place around the painted background. I then mixed the epoxy resin, adding a navy blue dye. When ready I poured it over the background and placed the metal work on top. After setting over night the metal work is now firmly attached to the background.

Video showing the epoxy resin process

And why is this so important? Aaah yes because the rather lovely oak counter tops will be protected by a thin layer of epoxy resin and this is a further practice.

Introducing Super Ali

Autumn approaches. I am living away. Ali goes supersonic.

A reminder of the plan for the outside bathroom. The bathroom is now a sizeable 9 square metres.

Joined onto the backside of the bus, entered through the back emergency door through the bus or from outside.

The right hand side plan shows the compost toilet, Storage shelves which open into the room. A large space for the hot water boiler, solar batteries, plumbing and honestly I have no idea what else!

Wooden telegraph posts support the bathroom floor 2 feet off the ground.

Wood reclaimed from various projects and demolition work.

Doors and windows are reclaimed from various skips around Norfolk.

Front outside step is a piece of mahogany from an old Alderman Peel school chemistry desk.

Inside panel structure is covered with waterproof breathable fabric.

Outside wood cover are 8 ft lengths of pallet wood.

I also managed to dissuade the use of creosote as a wood protector.

Apple Juice Production

200 trees of deliciousness

Some sunshine on a rainy day.

From top left:

Washing /sterilizing bottles in the dishwasher

Selecting and feeding apples into the masher – really a wood chipper.

Unclogging stuck apples with a stick which gets shorter and adds flavour!

Putting the pulp into the press. Bottom left:

A 5 litre bottle with a tap placed on the kitchen fridge.

One of 3 tub cart full pressed on one day, about 200 litres to drink and give away.