The smallest, sweetest bathroom ever!

I don’t know about you, but night time bathroom visits are now the norm. OK, TMI? The very though of walking the length of the upstairs, past a couple of sleeping people, down spiral steps, walking the length of the downstairs, past another sleeping person and then ducking to go through the bathroom door… a definite NO thank you. An upstairs bathroom is a luxury we have space for. So…. here it is

The stud wall going in. The bathroom floor space is a very sweet 3 meter squared. It is positioned between the master (really!!) bedroom and the upstairs seating area.

Do you like the little sink with specially made steel shelf, cool for cats Ali.

The light and fan are 12v and run from the solar panels on the bus roof. Pictures of the solar installation coming soon.

With such a small area we could choose very expensive wall tiles and not break the bank. Thanks Hannah, great suggestion.

A bespoke compost toilet. vido of how it works below and borrowed from the chaps I was inspired by.

Bathroom Bliss

Have you seen the pop up hotel pod series? They are copying Ali’s bathroom ideas.

Plywood walls and corrugated steel look amazing and I’m happy to say we will have varnished ply in the large bathroom. The Iceni Roundhouse already has corrugated steel on the inside bathroom walls.

Many of the materials are repurposed having been used and loved previously and now becoming a deluxe bathroom.